Revolutionising dietary habits and cultivating a world where everyone feels their best and live healthier, one family at a time.

How It Started

Our Founder embarked on this journey in 2013 when he was struggling to find a quality brand of black seed honey. This led him to explore the bee farms of Egypt for high quality and ethically sourced black seed honey. His desire to share the benefits of habbatus sauda’ within the sweetness of honey encouraged him to bottling and labelling the honey at home and selling them online and through home deliveries.

Fast forward ten years later and Alhamdulillah, things have transformed. 

Despite El Nahl’s growth and increasing demand, we have held steadfast to our core values. With integrity and honesty, we remain committed to being a trusted brand for honey-based products.

Much like our old days of selling manually bottled black seed honey at flea market events, our brand's ethos remains unchanged: to make people feel better with the nourishment of Sunnah foods, embracing the guidance of El Nahl (The Bees).

Now, Into The Future.

El Nahl proudly stands as the trailblazing community and foremost provider of premium honey-based products.

We imagine a world where everyone feels their best and live healthier, one family at a time, by empowering customers to revolutionise their dietary habits.

One of our first steps to make this happen is by replacing everyday sugar with our exquisite and 100% pure black seed honey, tailored to nourish bodies and souls.

Our dedication to promoting longevity, enduring health, and overall well-being resonates in every product we offer. 

Our Commitment, Your Trust.

We prioritize creating a positive and trustworthy image that resonates with consumers who value authenticity, quality, and a commitment to promoting well-being (’kesejahteraan’) in various aspects of life.

We build trust with our customers by consistently maintaining transparent and ethical practices such as our scientific approach to quality control, using lab testing to ensure the purity and nutritional value of our honey.

We believe that the trust our community places in our honey can lead to a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to discover the benefits of black seed honey



    We are customer-obsessed and we strive to overdeliver.


    We strive to pay great attention to detail and only settle for the best in whatever we do.


    We are willing to take risks and act innovatively in pursuit of excellence.


    We are true to ourselves and celebrate our differences.