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Product Overview

Kami ingin menghasilkan madu yang lebih mudah dibawa, ’trendy’ dan kemas serta menjadikan madu sebagai snek sihat untuk para pelanggan agar mereka boleh menikmati kehidupan yang lebih sihat.

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Kids love the ease,
parents love that there’s no mess!

Nature’s best defender is here to look after you and your loved ones.

With this prophetic seed that can “cure every disease except death”...

Get ready to enjoy:

⚡️ Amazing digestion

⚡️ Daily energy boost

⚡️ Immunity support

⚡️ Joint relief

⚡️ Better sleep

⚡️ Healthier heart and blood 

Shield Your Family's Health

What if your kids could play,
unaffected by the flu bug?

What if your elderly parents could walk, climb and move pain-free?

What if during every health checkup, your doctor is always in awe of your vital signs? 

That’s possible with the combined benefits of black seed flower
and honey. 

Each spoonful aids in:

🍯 Allergies
🐝 Asthma
🍯 Arthritis
🐝 Bloating
🍯 Blood sugar imbalance
🐝 Coughs
🍯 Cold
🐝 Chronic viral infections
🍯 Digestive issues
🐝 Sleep issues
🍯 Stress, and more

With prolonged use, the body’s natural defence is increased, immunity rises and sickness stays away.

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100% Pure
black seed Honey

Directly harvested from bees feeding on black seed (Habbatus Sauda) nectars.

up to 40%

Each batch of our honey is lab tested for quality and purity.

3rd party
lab tested

No fee, easy installment payment option with Shopback or Grab.

Free from Chemicals

We deliver islandwide with no minimum purchase required.

You get the best of worlds: black seed+honey, in a sachet.

Squeeze out a spoonful of
El Nahl Black Seed Honey to receive all this goodness in your body:

✔️ thymoquinone
✔️ antioxidants
✔️ amino acids
✔️ calcium
✔️ iron
✔️ minerals
✔️ vitamins
✔️ zinc

Get all the greatness of black seed honey even when you’re out.

Hassle free.

Bottle is designed with additional stopper mechanism on the cap to prevent honey from leakage.

Your body’s new best friend

Eat it raw

We recommend a spoonful every morning and another before bed.

Drizzle over food

Honey tastes great with plain yoghurt, fruits, smoothies and oats.

Sugar substitute

Replace sugar with honey while you cook, bake or after exercise.

Black seed honey is your new healthy habit

You’ll enjoy what each sachet does for you.






Blood sugar imbalance



Chronic viral infections

Digestive issues

Stress, and more

Sleep issues





Blood sugar imbalance

Stress, and more

Sleep issues

Chronic viral infections


Digestive issues


With prolonged use, the body’s natural defense is increased, immunity rises and sickness stays away.

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Hassle-free honey on the go

Frequent traveller or a busy worker?

This Squeeze Bottle travels well and provides you with premium black seed honey whenever you need it.

How our Black Seed honey compares to other honey

AVG PRICE (PER 100G)$$$$$$$$$$$
TASTESweet flavour with flowery aromaCan have a bitter aftertaste

that children don’t like
Rich, and intensively sweet

*Based on average sum of data taken from other products’ pages and from El Nahl's clients' reviews.

What are People Saying About El Nahl Black Seed Honey?

“The best alternative to manuka honey”

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Grateful to have found El Nahl honey

El Nahl honey helped me with my cough and also gives me the energy I need. Love the squeeze bottle as its convenient and easy to use. Now I make it a habit to eat it everyday. Thank you.

-Supatriana S.

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Masyallah! This is ingenuity at it's best, will definitely use this on the go, loved the Black Seed Honey with lemon. Subtle yet very effective been consuming every morning on empty stomach helps with harsh weather. Will definitely get more once it's running low.

-Azri N.

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Perfect remedy for Sorethroat!

No more hassle of squeezing fresh lemon to warm water, add honey etc. Just need to add this to a cup of warm water and by the will of Allah, it soothes ur throat. Had to when i have dry cough also. It works alhamdulillah. Thank you for this, elnahl!

-Ruquiyah S.

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Taste nice but delivery must improve

Yiu hv set the standard for delivery. Now it will take estimated 6 days upon purchased compared when your stock is based in Singapore, I received within 3 days.

-Mohd Zaini H.

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You will not regret buying this.

I honestly think that i have purchased more than 10 bottles of this.

  That is a review. period.

-Halim H.

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I take a spoonful with warm water everymorning

Alhamdulillah, good for my stomach and digestive system. Feels energetic.

-Haini J.

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