El Nahl Plus

Reinventing Fast Food

Tired of the guilt that comes with instant gratification?

Not This Time.

Swap your sweet treat for some healthy snacks, your carbonated drinks for 100% Pure Fruit Juice or make some impulsive dietary changes by replacing sugar with honey.

Anytime, with El Nahl Plus. We got you.


Meet Your New Healthy Habit


Say goodbye to skipping meals or succumbing to unhealthy snacks while you go about your day and all the downsides that come along with it.



Sultan Mosque

Muscat Street

Operation hours: 24 hours
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Located outside the mosque building, by the ladies' washroom

Al-Falah Mosque

Bideford Rd

Operation hours: 24 hours
View on Google Maps

Located right by the mosque's front entrance on Biderford Rd.

Darul Ghufran Mosque

Tampines Ave 5

Operation hours: 24 hours
View on Google Maps

Located right by the mosque's front entrance.


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  • What is El Nahl Plus?

    In dire need of a healthy pick-me-up?

    El Nahl Plus is our newly launched vending machine! Designed for your convenience, you can now get your premium Sunnah foods at selected locations in Singapore.

    Where is El Nahl Plus located?

    El Nahl Plus machines are currently located at:

    Sultan Mosque (Kampong Glam)

    Al Falah Mosque (Orchard)

    Darul Ghufran Mosque (Tampines)

    What products are available at the vending machines?

    Our vending machines are especially curated to bring you the best products:

    1. Regular Jar (425g)
    2. Honey Sachets (15g x 15 sachets)
    3. Squeeze Bottle Original (Coming soon!)
    4. Squeeze Bottle with Lemon (Coming soon!)
    5. Doorgift Honey (55g)
    6. 100% Pure Pomegranate Fruit Juice (250g)
    7. 100% Pure Honey Lemon Juice (250g)
    8. Ajwa Medina Premium Dates (200g)
    9. Dried Figs (Coming soon!)
    10. Antioxidant Trail Mix (40g)
    11. Energy Boost Trail Mix (40g)
    12. El Nahl Wooden Spoon
    13. El Nahl Foldable Shopping Tote

    With El Nahl Plus at Sultan Mosque carrying exclusive Sultan Mosque products:

    1. The Sultan Eau de Parfum
    2. Halawiyat
  • What are the available payment options?

    El Nahl Plus accepts payments by debit or credit card.

    What happens if I run into any issues at the vending machines?

    Should you run into any technical issues, simply scan the QR code on the vending machine to get in touch with the vending machine’s support helpline.

    Alternatively, you may reach out to us via our website or Instagram. Our Customer Experience team is ready to assist you!

    I would like to share my experience with El Nahl Plus!

    Your feedback is important to us. Kindly fill up this form to share your experiences with our vending machines. We are all ears!